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I am a 33 year old wife and mother of a 10 year old boy and step-mother to a 15 year old girl who lives in Arizona. I was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Arizona when I was three, then moved to Wyoming with my husband and son in search of a better life when I was 25 and moved once more to the beautiful state of Colorado a little over 5 years ago! I love Colorado - it is the best climate and the most beautiful place on Earth!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 08 Update

Finally – I know – I have had more than one person kindly suggest that I catch you all up on our lives.

Boy – where to start - - - -

At the beginning of the year – my husband put in a job application for a company in Boise, Idaho. By March – we had forgotten about it - - - until they called him for an interview. They flew both of us to Boise for a long weekend so that Travis could interview and the two of us could look around! And look around we did!!! I had a lot of time to myself on Friday, while he was interviewing and looking around. I drove everywhere! It’s a nice area of the country – a little flat for what I like – but nice and OMG – I have never met such nice people! I was blown away how nice they all were! They offered my hubby the job – but in the long run – we turned it down – several things factored in (like the number of people, the lack of mountains and places to ATV, moving) and now in hindsight – it might have been better for us to just go and try it – but everything happens for a reason right?

Here is a shot of Boise from our hotel window - to the left:

And to the right - see - pretty flat!

We decided to stay in Grand Junction.

Since we decided to stay – we started the process of becoming big girls and boys – and on June 13th – we moved into our home that we bought!!! A new, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom mortgage! Of course, during the move, I broke a blood vessel on the top of my right foot (dropped the darn gun cabinet on it) – to this day it still aches! Anyway – we have been busy, busy putting our house together.

First came the fence – we thought about doing it ourselves – then ended up hiring a contractor (his price was maybe $300 more than if we were to do it ourselves – yeah – hired him)!

Then my hubby went to Dallas, Texas for two weeks to train on a new aircraft coming out. A beautiful plane from Embraer called a Phenom.

I was lucky enough to be able to fly out and see him for a weekend! We went to the race track (of course) and then the Fort Worth Zoo! I had a blast that weekend!

We got to go into the infield at the Texas Motorspeedway – it was so stinking cool!!!

The zoo was a blast! It was way warm but it was a lot of fun!!!

The September rolled around. We tried to seed grass in my front yard.
One afternoon I got a knock on the door – a contractor in the area noticed me watering the dirt – lol – and offered me free sod. He was at a house around the corner and ordered too much. Of course I was on the phone to my husband and we went over, picked it up and laid it that night! So – the following weekend – we went to the same sod farm and bought almost enough to finish my front yard (miscalculated by a couple rolls). It looked so nice! See - - -

That night – what turned out to be a frustrating, horrible experience started. Kyle had a friend spend the night, the boys came out that night and their butts were wet!!! My two front rooms were soaked! We tried to call the contractor Sunday – no luck – but I left a not so nice message. The guy from the contractor’s office came out the next day. He looked at my house and left telling us he was “perplexed” as to what was going on (yeah – I was not impressed)! The next day – he tells me that it isn’t the construction on the house – it is because we planted grass up to the house and therefore they were going to do nothing for me! Yeah – what kind of joke is that? I can not plant grass to my house??? UM – hello – I will bet 1/3 the population in Grand Junction has grass up to their houses! I tried to file a claim with our homeowners insurance (more for validation then anything) – they denied it saying the house was built incorrectly. Then we had a County inspector come out – he determined my house was not built to code in the front. The rock work was not done properly. (1) it was not built to the end of the concrete slab and (2) it was not sealed. That was October 3rd.

Here is my poor house tore apart:

They finally finished the rock work on October 25th. And Finally, after a month plus of dealing with this – the carpet people came out and re-stretched my carpets. My house is finally back together again!

I will post more - we took a couple ATV trips to get away - an then there was Halloween too! I have more to post - just need to find the time to do it - LOL.
Anyway - I hope this update finds everyone well and happy!


Friday, March 07, 2008

Some new pics

Hello all! It's been awhile - I know and I am sorry! In my defense - I have either been sick or buying something - if that counts! LOL

Here are some updated pics from us!!!

This one is of the Grand Mesa - from the cross-street to my house! Isn't it pretty!!!

This one is a pic from my son's friend's house! They built a nice snowman then painted him blue! LOL

Don't ask! LOL - this is in the Jeep as we were heading to Wal-Mart one Saturday - he's being goofy!!!

Ok - now on to the "purchase" part I mentioned earlier! Here is one of our latest purchases! I say "one of" because I also purchased a washer/dryer out of necessity - I might post pics later! But this one was cool! We are trying to condense some things that we do. That being said - I now own 3 vehicles for 2 licensed drivers - LOL! ANYWAY = eventually we would like to purchase a Wolf Pack Camper. A Wolf Pack is a hard sided camper with a deck in front for our ATV's. My Jeep will not tow that kind of weight. So - in preparation for that - we needed to get a bigger truck. So we went out "looking" one day. In my family = we don't "Look" = we end up buying! And after a day of searching car lots for what would work for us = we brought home a 2001 Chevy 2500 HD Extended Cab.

Isn't she purty!!! We got a great deal on it! Heck - it wasn't even on the used car lot at the Chevy dealer yet - it was in a back lot - it had just been traded in the week prior to us shopping! I absolutely love it! It is everything that we will need and plus - my hubby has been needing a new truck! The newest truck he has is the 93 Toyota we kept! It was about time for him!


Hey all! I thought I would share some pictures of our Superbowl - both the pre-game show and what I won!

First = the pre-game show!!! Imagine a nice Colorado snowy day - my hubby looks out our front window and wants me to see the "funny snow shower" we are getting. I look out to see snow - mixed with what I thought was fog. It was pretty cool! I made a casual comment to my husband about "are you sure someone didn't just start their car and that is the exhaust?". A few minutes later - curiousity had got the best of his and he went out to see what the "fog" was. Below are a few pictures of what happened next - - -

Here is the Fire Department (can you tell where this is going?)

This is at a house - two down from mine. A high school kid had started his Blazer and went into the house to let it 'warm' up - and boy did it! LOL - this started with a little fire under the hood and escalated to a fully engulfed mess - windows were shattering - the gas tank was hissing -it wasn't pretty!

This is after it was out - still so much smoke!

And here it is = the poor kid's burned out mess!

On a different note = I won a Superbowl Prize pack from a local radio station!!! I was the first to answer their trivia question correct! The question? Who is the NFL player who has played in the most Superbowls. NOW - before I answer that for you ---- not only do I have to look it up again -- but I need to place this disclaimer: I was already researching Superbowl trivia for a newsletter I do at work - so just happened to have that information sitting in front of me - how stinkin lucky is that????

Ok - Answer = Mike Lodish with 6 (four for Buffalo and two for the Broncos)!!!!

I won a whole bunch of things! I won a set of glasses with a glass pitcher, a free pizza at Nick-n-Willy's and a set of four really fun dinner plates (sort of Southwest style)!

The next picture shows the table runner, two helmets, 4 small serving plates, 2 large platters and the blow up football that serves as a cooler set up for our small little party!!!! It was so cool! It sure made the party!!! (well pre-game show excluded of course!!!)

Well - that was Superbowl and what an awesome game it was!!! I loved it!!! Go New York!!! LOL

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Misc pictures

This Christmas season was all about the gingerbread houses! On the left is one Kyle made with his grandpa, on the right back, one Kyle made with his grandma when she came out at Thanksgiving and the one on the right in the front is one Kyle made at school!

Our snowy house!

Here is a snowy shot of the Grand Mesa. This is from the street I take to get home! Beautiful isn't it! I just love it!

A shot of my backyard on Christmas Day! Bandit was chasing snow and digging his nose into the piles - he was so funny!

My hubby and I hanging out in Kyle's room New Year's Day! Not my most flattering picture but they never are anymore! LOL

Christmas 2007

Hi all - Happy New Year! As I sit at home, on my couch, just diagnosed yesterday with the actual flu, I thought it was about time to catch you all up on the Moreno family!

We had a wonderful Christmas! We woke up Christmas morning and there was some snow on the ground and it even started to snow during the morning - it was beautiful! Kyle was spoiled as usual! Here he is showing off the LEGO's that he got from Grandma - he loves building with them - both the kits and freeform - he might be my little engineer man!

Here he is in the mess of things! We bought him an XBox and didn't want him to have any clue what so ever what was in his box. Can you just see the look on his face? LOL

OH MAN - the mess we had - this doesn't do it justice - my house was trashed! LOL

I surprised my husband by finishing a latch hook rug that I bought several years ago! I took it to work and worked on this for months. I finished the last stitch the Friday before Christmas!

Here is a shot of our tree and our Christmas dinner! And yes - it was as good as it looks! LOL

Our holiday season was good! I hope all of your holidays were blessed with family and friends and good health! Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post - it is January 22nd and my doctor diagnosed me yesterday with influenza. Murphy struck my house and did it hard. My husband and I were supposed to go to a concert a couple days ago and didn't because of my illness - needless to say - we are both so disappointed. Both of my men are on Tamilflu for the next 10 days to prevent them from getting this - so please keep them in your prayers!

I hope each of you have a wonderful, incredibly blessed New Year! May all your prayers and dreams come true!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Any given race Sunday

Ok – I don’t usually voluntarily put pictures of myself out for the publics view – but here we are.
This Halloween – the hospital that I work for let us dress up (within guidelines of course). Most of us decided to wear jeans and just be comfy – I just decided to take it one further – LOL!
I thought I would “dress up” as my alter ego geek self – the way I look when my hubby, son and I go to the race track in Vegas every year. Well – and truth be known – I also look like it on important (to us) race weekends at home too!
So I dawned my blue jeans and tennis shoes, my Dale Earnhardt Jr. t-shirt and his Daytona 500 win hat. I added my lanyard with race tickets that also sported an actual lug nut from one of the Cup cars (it was given to my son the first time we took him to the race – some man came up to us and gave it to him – said he had a bunch of them). I didn’t stop there – heck no! I also brought a Dale Jr. cooler that I put a Dale Sr. blanket and Dale Jr. Collectible car in (you know – just in case – in that rare once-in-a-lifetime instance you actually run into your driver). In addition – I also had my can coozie with the number 8 and my never-to-be-opened Budweiser can that also has Dale. Jr. on it.

OK – I will admit – I am a complete Dale Jr. geek! What can I say! LOL

Well – check it out for yourself! (this also gives you a small glimpse into my life at work as you can see my messy desk!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

More pics from PA

Kyle playing in the Susquehanna River!!!!

One tuckered out kiddo! LOL

Kyle and Uncle John in the Amish Country - there were people there offering rides on Amish buggies!

This is the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA! We had a hell of a time finding this! LOL

Here we are! In the back - Dustin, Shannon, Mom, Me, Travis. In the front - my Grandma and Kyle!!!


HI everyone! Hola from Colorado! I thought I should share some updates with everyone!

First - all is well here! It is Fall and I am in Heaven! This is my favorite season - I love the changing colors, the falling temperatures and the fact that it is the start of the cooler weather and holiday season! Kyle is enjoying his 5th grade year - they are the highest grade in the school so they are king of the hill so to speak - and he is just eating it up! He has excelled this year and is doing really good! Travis is doing good to - having some issues at work but all is well! I am doing pretty good too - my job is good (the occasional issue but who doesn't right!). I have been walking on my breaks and loving it - it is so beautiful in this town right now!
THAT is pretty much the short of it!

I wanted to share our Pennsylvania trip with everyone! In May - over the Mother's Day weekend - we (my hubby, son and I) took a trip to the East coast! It was the first time my son and husband had a chance to go there! Kyle completely enjoyed the BIG plane he got to ride in and to see the looks on Travis' face at all the sights we saw - PRICELESS!
Our main reason to visit - was a surprise 80th birthday party for my grandma. It was also a family reunion that was amazing! My Grandma's bday is actually Groundhog Day - but we decided that Mother's Day would be best due to weather issues! My men had not met my Grandma before so this was the best for me!

Here is the cake for my Grandma - she was so surprised - it was AWESOME!!!

This is down the street from my Uncle Johnny's house - my sister and son wanted to go feed the cows - LOL - so here we are! Notice the plant like things in my hand? Those are green onions - LOL - there was a green onion farm right before this one - that is where we decided to pick 'grass' for the cows - I wonder how they liked it? Also notice the other hand - YUP - a wine glass - need I say more?

Here is my Grandma. Uncle Harry and their friend from England Alan! It was such a fun trip - I had met Alan as a child but didn't remember him - he was a BLAST! And of course - I always enjoy my time with Harry and my Grandma!

OK - we had to do the tourist thing - we went thru the Amish country (UM - beautiful) and took our picture under the Intercourse, Virginia sign! LOL - I have it hanging on my desk at work!!!

Here is a picture of the lot of us! I swear - before that day - I had not met 80% of my family in this picture - it was incredible! I really enjoyed this!!!!

We all had so much fun! We toured DC one day with my Uncle Harry and Alan - we also toured in Pennsylvania - the Civil War museaum and the Amish Country! It was so cool to watch my men back there - they were so taken with the area - it was the best experience for me!

Needless to say - we will be back - many many times!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catching up!

Hi all! I know it has been quite a while since I updated this blog - I have been so busy! And with no internet access at work - I haven't hit the puter at home like I should - LOL
It has been a crazy summer but it has been fun! I started the summer off with a horrible spider bite on my left arm above my elbow that I ended up at the doctor for because it swelled the whole upper arm - it was hot and infected - LOVELY! A couple antibiotic prescriptions later - I was good to go! Although I am a bit leary now of trimming our front hedges as I am sure that is where the little booger was that bit me!
We bought a four wheeler in February and added a second one about a month ago and have been on several rides - once in the Uncompagre National Forest and twice on the Grand Mesa. I tell you - I live in an absolutely beautiful place!! My step-daughter came up to visit a couple weeks ago and we went riding - here are some pictures:

Natalie and her boyfriend on Travis' 4 wheeler
My honey and I on my 4 wheeler (the newest purchase)!!!

My two kids (and a boyfriend in tow - LOL)

Some scenery from our ride!!

We are off for another ride/camping trip this weekend to a different section of the Grand Mesa - there are over 300 lakes up there and we have a lot more to see - LOL!!!
Other than getting out and enjoying the country I live in - things are good for the most part. I would ask that you please continue to pray for my grandpa from Havasu - he is doing better but still in the rehab section of the hospital in Vegas. He is improving but still has work to do - his right side needs strengthening but his speech is getting better. Please include my grandma that she has the strength herself to continue to be his rock! Thank you all for the prayers already sent to my grandparents - it is greatly appreciated!!!!

I hope all is well with everyone out there in Blogger land! I miss all my friends and family and hope that this will at least let you all know that all is well here. Please leave me comments and let me know how you all are!!!
Love bunches!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 4th

Not much everyone - just wanting to let you all know that I haven't fallen off the end of the earth!
Happy 4th of July to all my friends out there - I miss you all and hope to catch you all up soon!
Enjoy the midweek holiday!!!